2008 Sermons

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Sermon series titled “CHRISTIAN DEPRESSION” – Pastor Dan Erickson

January 2008

Christian Depression I
Christian Depression II – I Can See Clearly Now
Christian Depression III – No Regrets
Christian Depression IV – Fear Factor
Christian Depression V – It’s Not Fair
Christian Depression VI – When The Tank is Empty
Christian Depression VII – When Things Get Tough
Christian Depression IIX – The Root of Joy
Christian Depression IX – Encouraging The Discouraged

September 2008

Gospel Centered Church                                   MP3      PDF 
Gospel Empowered Worship                           MP3       PDF
A Gospel Motivated Mission                          MP3      PDF
A Gospel-Transformed Community               MP3      PDF
A Gospel-Empowered Marriage                     MP3      PDF


A Call to Arms for a People at War           MP3                 25 May 2008  Pastor Kevin Erickson
Memorial Day Service
The Church of Oprah                                  MP3                  29 June 2008 Pastor Dan Erickson
The Wrong Kind of Freedom                    MP3     PDF    06 July 2008 Pastor Dan Erickson
Thankful for Thanksgiving                        MP3     PDF    30 November 2008 Pastor Dan Erickson
A Dream Come True ~ Luke 2:21-35      MP3      PDF    14 December 2008 Pastor Dan Erickson
Anna:  Praise and Proclaim                       MP3      PDF    21 December 2008  Pastor Dan Erickson
Good News for Everyone                                         PDF    24 December 2008 Pastor Dan Erickson
Eldon Porter ~ SIM Missions Update      MP3                 28 December 2008 Eldon Porter