Sunday School

Sunday school has been an important part of Christian growth and learning in this congregation through the years.  Our rich teaching heritage goes all the way back to Mrs. Strong’s Sunday Classes for children in 1903.  The importance of Bible teaching classes has been emphasized to this day.

“Our school is for sister and brother, father and mother, the whole family.  The purpose of our School is to teach the Word of God which is able to make us wise unto salvation:  to teach the art of worship to all;  to train everyone in the Christian walk, that all may be Christian citizens of our great Nation.  Attend every session if at all possible.”
~ from the 1954 Annual Report

With God’s help we continue this purpose, providing theologically based classes here at Chisholm Baptist, from the young to the old.  Curriculum will come and go but the foundational truths taught here carry far into the years and throughout the world.

Children’s Sunday School

(available only during the Second Service)

The Children’s Sunday school classes are a vibrant ministry under a Sunday School Department Head and many teachers.  Please ask a greeter for the class location for your child’s age group.  A similar format is followed each Sunday:


– A fun time of singing worship songs and prayer, Missionary highlights, puppet shows, rhythm band instruments, and the wooden cake and birthday candles for those who celebrate birthdays. This is a wonderful time for children to learn about missionaries and play a part in their ministry through their offering each Sunday.

Class Time

– The Bible is always the focus of this time, through stories, creative application – from flannel-graphs to puppets, object lessons, story pages, and crafts.  Always under the loving guidance of caring teachers who modeled and mentored the students in their classes.

Family Night

Wednesday Nights at 6:30 pm


Ages 3 through Kindergarten

Grades 1 – 4:

Opening sessions in the sanctuary – students will enjoy acting out skits, Bible stories, music, games and lots of fun!

Club 56

Grade 5 & 6

Junior High E.D.G.E

Grade 7 & 8

Senior High C.Y.F.

Grades 9 – 12