Life is in the body of Christ.

It is a joy to be part of the body of Christ ministering to Gods children young and old. Ministry is about being a reflection of Christ living our lives as we learn from the Bible. Sharing, listening, working and growing together in His love building a strong foundation that others can witness.

Chairman of the Board

Kraig Stolhammer

As I think back on the time that I’ve been a part of this church, what comes to mind is – life.  This church has not just existed for 106 years, but in my experience and from the memories of others, it has lived for 106 years.  It is a living body.   And though at times it may have appeared that there was little visible branch growth, it is quite apparent that throughout the “life” of this church body, strong deep roots were being anchored in the foundation of God’s Grace.  May God continue to nourish, nurture, and sometimes prune us, to keep us a healthy, thriving , and lively body of believers.


The Deacon Board is currently made up of nine men who are responsible for the spiritual well-being and discipleship of our church body and the encouragement and support of our pastoral staff. We serve a three year term and each deacon serves as a representative on our various church committees. We are responsible for serving communion, assisting the pastoral staff with visitation, and baptism and membership interviews.  With our deaconesses, we facilitate and promote our Care Groups. Over the years, we have had the privilege to bless many people with benevolent needs.  We meet monthly as a Deacon Board and then jointly with the Trustees on our Church Board to serve as the governing body of the church. It is an honor and a privilege to serve here at First Baptist in this role as we watch God’s plan unfold and his work go forward. For it is only by His love, and through His mercy and grace that we have hope for today, tomorrow and eternity.


“It is our purpose as Deaconesses,
to glorify God through prayer,
and to minister to the spiritual life
and needs of the women of our congregation.”

We try to visit, send cards, or call the women of our congregation and offer to pray with them and for them and their families, assist with meals or offer a way of “coming alongside” them when there is a need.  It is our desire to help “bear one another’s burdens” and encourage each other as sisters in Christ.There are many ways we serve our women, including, giving worship/lullaby CD’s to moms of new babies, and books to children who are toddlers.  Cards, gifts, visits, and/or meals are given as encouragement to those in our fellowship who have lost loved ones. Each year, the Deaconesses have the privilege of planning a Senior Ladies Luncheon, and a Newcomers Luncheon twice a year.  It is a blessing to oversee and plan bridal and baby showers, and to present gift certificates for these momentous occasions.Care Groups are a wonderful way of keeping in touch with the church body in a smaller group setting.  Get-togethers are scheduled every other month for food, fellowship, sharing, and prayer times that foster understanding, encouragement, deepening friendships, and creating new friendships.

An inspiring aspect of being a Deaconess, along with our Pastors and Deacons, is to hear testimonies of faith from candidates for baptism and/or church membership.  We are always so encouraged by the greatness of our Heavenly Father, and how personally He leads us individually to know Him as our Lord and Savior.

Being a deaconess has been such a tremendous blessing to those who serve in this ministry.
As a deaconess, our major emphasis is a diligence in prayer for each individual or family who attends our church, for our pastors and their families, officers of our church, and each program or area of ministry we serve.