What to Expect

Upon arrival at Chisholm Baptist, someone will be on hand to warmly welcome you. Our welcome ministry team members have been trained to help direct you around our facility and answer any questions. So if you are looking for the Nursery, Sunday School Rooms, Youth Rooms, Restrooms… or have any other questions, JUST ASK!

Nursery is available during both services for babies and toddlers. Wee Kids Church is available during the Pastor’s message – children are excused right before he speaks. During the 2nd Service, Sunday School is also available for children and youth – though classes for adults run both services.

Entering the Worship Center, our ushers will hand you a program. This will include announcements and information about upcoming church events – as well as an outline of the pastor’s message for taking notes. An usher can direct you to a seat or you may choose to sit wherever you feel most comfortable.

During the service our worship team will lead us in both traditional hymns and contemporary songs. All the words to the songs are displayed at the front of the sanctuary so the congregation may sing along. Don’t worry if you can’t carry a tune – after all, the Bible in Psalm 98 says:

Make a joyful noise onto the Lord, all the earth…
rejoice, and sing praise.

God cares more about our heart than our ability to sing on key

Another act of worship you’ll find at the Chisholm Baptist is our regular Sunday offering. This is where an offering plate is passed during the service for regular attenders to give back to God a portion of their income. Giving, or tithing as it is sometimes called, is a tangible way that we can give to God a small portion of what is really His. It also is a way to keep our hearts in the right place.

For where your treasure is,
there your heart will be also.”
Matthew 6:21

The offering goes to support the pastors, various ministries of the church, and several missionaries around the world. The offering is intended for our regular attenders, so as a visitor of Chisholm Baptist please feel free to let the plate pass by you.

Every week the people at Chisholm Baptist are given a verse to memorize – a Fighter Verse of the Week. During the service the pastor will have those that have memorized the verse to stand up and recite it from memory. The verse is put up on the screen so the entire congregation can also join in. Our Pastor gives a weekly message that is based upon God’s Word and relevant to today’s situations. They are inspiring and uplifting and designed to help you grow in a more meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ. The messages are available as a free download on our website or as a compact disc for a small fee. Please stop by the Information Center after the service if you would like to get a tape of the message.

The first Sunday of every month we set aside a time during the service to observe communion. The bread we eat and the juice we drink represents Jesus Christ’s death on the cross so that our sins could be washed away.  If you have given your life to Jesus Christ you are welcome to join us in remembering His sacrifice.

Occasionally there will also be a “Missionary Moment” during the service.   The life and work of the missionary of the month is shared with the entire congregation to keep them updated on their ministry and to share any prayer requests.

We hope you will join us and we look forward to meeting you.