The purpose of Chisholm Baptist is to:

By God’s grace, make a difference in our community for the glory of God.

With this purpose in mind, we recognize that our primary responsibilities as a church are summed up in the “Great Commandments” (love God, love others – Matthew 22:37-40) and the “Great Commission” (make disciples – Matthew 28:19-20).  Thus, we seek to fulfill our purpose in these ways:


We desire to express our love for God through vibrant, God-centered, corporate worship.


We desire to encourage people to grow in their relationships with others and to express their love for one another in meaningful ways.


We desire to see those who are not believers in Jesus Christ put their trust in Him and obey His Word.  We seek to faithfully represent Christ to our community, and to support missionaries who are representing Christ throughout the world.


We desire to help those who are believers in Jesus to grow in their relationship with God and to live in obedience to God’s Word in every aspect of life.

Our stated purpose also affects our ministry in these ways:

We desire to be a “God-centered” church.  What pleases God is more important than what pleases the people in our congregation or community.  God and His inerrant Word are the authority for what we believe and do as a church.

Because human beings are created in God’s image, our desire to glorify God means that people are important.  We strive to treat each individual with love and respect.  We seek to meet the real need of people in our congregation and community.

The leadership style which is appropriate in our church is servanthood.  Our spiritual leaders ought to be respected, but they must never “lord over” others.  Corporate decisions should always be made in an atmosphere of love, with the goal of reaching a consensus which is consistent with God’s Word.  A distinctive mark of our church should be “how we love one another.”

We desire to respect the privilege of each individual to have direct access to God.  Within the Biblical guidelines, each person is encouraged to exercise his/her freedom in Christ, but avoid actions and attitudes that would hurt other believers.

Our desire to represent Christ in our community means that we will strive to eliminate any unnecessary barriers that may hinder others from participating in our church.  At the same time, we will not compromise the Biblical message or standards in an attempt to avoid offending others.

We believe that God is glorified by loving family relations (husband/wife, parents/children, etc.) within our congregation.  We desire that the ministry of our church strengthen these relationships.

Our desire to see God glorified in our community includes a desire to see our community transformed into one which honors Christ.  Though our church must not be a political entity, we shall strive to proclaim and stand for God’s truth in our culture.  Rather than be isolated from our society, we seek to be salt and light in our community.

As a church, we desire to strive for “corporate holiness.”  This means that we are willing to follow the Biblical guidelines for church discipline when necessary.  However, our goal is “inclusive holiness,” where we seek to first encourage those who struggle with sin in every way possible before we exercise discipline.  We desire to pursue corporate holiness without falling into the trap of being legalistic and judgmental.